My two boys have opposite reactions to food. My youngest will try anything! He has a very sensitive pallet at five years old and loves the taste of different foods. My older 7 year old is the opposite! He is the pickiest of the pickies!! Ha Ha

In fact, here he is gladly devouring those sugar cookies I made a couple weeks ago!

After exhausting my efforts (bribes) I came up with a genius idea! I decided to take small toys and super glue them onto the silverware. 

Introducing PICKYWARE!!!

At our next meal my oldest didn't want to eat his vegetables. I whipped out the pickyware. Both boys were ecstatic and wanted to use them right away. Then my genius idea went to work. I told them that the pickyware can only be used to eat vegetables. Right away my oldest said "I want to eat my vegetables!" 


Go make your own pickyware and get your little eaters to devour anything!

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