DIY Plastic Cauldron To Old & Spooky

In my search for new Halloween decor ideas I came across a tutorial on how to make a cheap plastic cauldron look old and spooky. After a little tweaking I came up with my own tutorial that I think is easier and looks great! This was a super fun project for my boys to do with me. 
First, I made a mixture of plain oatmeal and mod podge in a big bowl. It was easiest to just dig right in with our hands to mix it up. I made sure every bit of oatmeal was drenched in the mod podge. We had to work fast to place it all over the cauldron before it started to dry. I placed it to look like old potions that had bubbled up and spilled over the sides and dried onto the cauldron. 

After it dried (and it dries rock hard!) my husband sprayed it with black spray paint. 
Then he took some brown and yellow paints and sponged them around to give a rusted look. It turned out awesome!!! 
Now after you buy a cheap plastic cauldron you can take it home and really have some fun. A great family night activity. You're welcome! haha

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    1. Thanks! :D I like it a lot better than the original.

  2. I love all these Halloween idea's both of my kids was born in October and it happens to be my favorite holiday and my daughters so Halloween birthday party coming up again this year I could defiantly use these ideas so great!

  3. Great job, thanks for posting! And the whole family worked on it together: this is awesome! I love the picture!!!!