Roasted Starbursts ~ A Campfire Treat!

I had a really great day yesterday! I went to the beach and played with my kids. Soaked up the happy sun and got me some much needed Vitamin D. After that, I dropped my kids off with the sitter and ran into Honolulu with the hubster to indulge in some Cheesecake Factory and much needed adult conversation. Later, after we picked up the kiddos and got home, I was reminded that I promised we would roast s'mores over the firepit. Well let me tell you, I became super mom when I pulled out a bag of starbursts and told them it was our roast for the night.
I'd heard of roasting starbursts a couple years ago but never was interested enough in trying it until the other day. I read on a friends' Facebook status that roasted starbursts are the best thing since sliced bread! He also added that he stayed up all night roasting and eating an entire bag....all by himself. This is what I was picturing....
Basically, a few starbursts into our own roasting, we were doing the same thing. HAHA
Can you say sugar induced coma?!! I can! Here are a few things I found on Pinterest that made me laugh WAY too hard. Sugar gives me the giggles...

I can't say it!

I'm pretty sure I've walked in on my husband doing the exact same thing.

Mmmm...that sounds good. I'll have that.

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    1. Hey Renee! Thanks for the question. Kind of funny because I actually had that question answered when I originally wrote this post but must've deleted it as I changed it. So over any flame, hot coal, hot stove you can roast them. Put them on a screwer like you would a marshmallow over a fire. If you are doing a stove or something smaller than a firepit you could even put your starbursts on an orange stick or fondue scewer. Slowly keep turning it as it heats up and starts to melt or it will drip right off. Let me know how you like them!! :) Thanks for stopping by pretty lady.

  2. Thanks Heather, our family will be trying them on our upcoming camping trip and I will definitely let you know how everyone likes them.