10 Reasons I'm a Great Mom Challenge

Why is it so hard to admit we're great at what we do? Moms give themselves more pressure and criticism than anyone in any work field. Raising kiddos is HARD, there's no denying that. So why do we make the job even harder by not giving ourselves credit where it's due? We worry instead of sleep, compare instead of empower, kicking ourselves where we think we've gone wrong, and somehow find time to place judgement on another mother's parenting style (you know we've all done it).

Isn't it silly that we want our kids to be strong and able to pat themselves on the back when credit is due, but we won't do it for ourselves when it comes to raising them. What kind of an example are we setting for our children? This is something I've been working on and have to continually to work on daily. Those little ones are always watching us and can pick up on how we feel about ourselves. So I'd like to issue a challenge to all you moms out there!

Write a public post listing 10 reasons you're a great mom!!! I think it's important to acknowledge and share the things we do best. By doing this, we can empower and uplift each other! So here's my list:

10 reasons I'm a great mom:

1. I take the time to play with my kids every day.

2. I try to keep all conversations positive in my home.

3. I involve my boys in all of my projects in some way.

4. I tell them I love them throughout the day - every day .

5. I let them just be boys and get dirty.

6. I teach my boys to be confident.

7. I try to make sure my boys eat healthy.

8. I've encouraged my boys to be independent and implemented chores and rewards.

9. I pray with my children.

10. I encourage other mom's I'm close to...especially when they are struggling.

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be. But, honestly, I feel better about myself! I hope you will take this challenge, too! If not for me, for your children.

Here are a list of mom bloggers I follow and look up to and would like to see take the challenge. I can't wait to read what others say! Pass on the challenge! :)

Even if you weren't tagged, please feel free to take the challenge!  Write and post your list, and then tag some other mom bloggers. I'd love to see what you're best at as a mother, so come back and leave me a comment with a link to your post! You can also grab the button below to add to you post. I'd love to see it floating around in blogland!

The Pink Lab - Mom Blog Challenge

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  1. Oh Goodness! 10 reasons?! Thank you for tagging me! I look up to you also! Great post! We don't give ourselves enough credit for sure.

    1. I teach my kids discipline and love.

    2. My daughter and I go to her bedroom and talk often; when we want to or when she's upset. (doesn't seem like much, but it makes us closer. She knows she can talk to me about anything and she opens up a lot when it's just her and I)

    3. I tell my kids I love them everyday.

    4. I make them play outside!! (This is because they don't need to grow up in front of a computer or tv, something I think is best for them)

    5. We do family night EVERY Sunday which is what the kids want to do; watching movies, crafts, games...etc... It's about our Children.

    6. The kids help with chores and cooking.

    7. I teach them respect

    8. They cuddle up with me on the couch.

    9. They can camp outside or inside, and play in the dirt.

    10. Because in everything I do... My kids come first!

    Laura from http://awomanjustmakingitthrulife.blogspot.com/

    1. Laura I love you so much!!! You are such a good mom. :)

  2. Wow! Thanks so much! I will accept your challenge. Hopefully, I can get around to it sometime today or tomorrow:) I am working on a couple of deadline projects -- but I look forward to getting this done! Thanks:)

  3. It's a great list, and a great project. I'm your latest follower, visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

  4. I love love love this! I'll be doing this challenge tonight :) Thank you for starting it.

  5. Oh, and I'm following you now via GFC :)

  6. This is so hard to always stay positive doesn't matter what is happening in the house :) You are a great Mom! I love #5 and #6! This challenge is great, I am accepting it and following your blog. Thank you so much for this and for your #10! Laura, http://camillaandroman.blogspot.com/

  7. The button didn't work for me. I deleted the last word "center" from the code, and it started working. Sorry, this is as much as I know about it.

  8. Oh no! Sorry about that. I will have my genius friend who helps manage my blog look at it. She is the pro! :)

  9. Yay! I'm excited to read your post. Thank you btw! I'm so glad others are going to take the challenge. I think it's so important that we support one another. :)

  10. Brittany DeLoachMay 31, 2013 at 5:23 AM

    I love this blog. I am doing this challenge on my blog.


  11. You just made my day Brittany! :) I'm excited to read your post and follow you back!

  12. I found your blog through Someday Crafts. I'm going to do this challenge on my blog. I love your blog by the way!


  13. I will be doing this on my blog! Thank you for sharing this! I reposted another mothers view on motherhood on my blog. Its about how much pressure we put on ourselves. And just every once in awhile you just had it, just one of those days you've had it up to your ear lobes. http://minettesmaze.blogspot.com/2013/05/absolute-mommy-when-motherhood-gives.html
    Im now following ya! Visiting from Sugar Bee!

    Shelly- Minettesmaze.blogspot.com

  14. http://minettesmaze.blogspot.com/2013/06/10-reasons-im-great-mom-challenge.html

  15. I am loving reading everyone's challenge lists! You are all inspiring me so much! Thank you for helping to empower mothers everywhere. :)