You know you're a mom of boys when...

I always read funny posts about what moms of boys see, hear, and say. Here are a few of my own .

In honor of Mother's Day
From a Mom of two boys, ages 5 & 7
Catagorized by See, Hear, and Say

Hear: " need to be more responsible and do your duty."-DH   "Hee said doody."-DS

Say: "Stop peeing in the garden/on the patio/on your brother/on the cat!"

Say: "Stop perching on the top of the cat tower like you're a gargoil."

See: Diaper off, poop on baby/crib/mattress/mirror/wall/...and mouth.

See: Sledding down the stairs in storage bins.

Say: "No playing with the dead lizard in the house."

Say: "If you keep playing with it, it's going to fall off."

See: My youngest showing me his newest find cupped in his hands. A. Dead. Hobo Spider!

Say: "Stop licking your brother!"

See: Son dancing around in bra. Say: "Take off my bra, please."

Hear: My son to a homeless man "You're scary looking. (man ignores him) HEY! Hey you! You are kind of scary looking!"

Hear: While watching Dispicable Me, "Hey, he's just like you Uncle Chris. You both really don't like kids."

See: Both boys finished art projects that they're really proud of. They are both drawings of jail.

And I wouldn't change it for the world...

Happy Mothers Day!!! I would love to hear your own funnies in the comments below!

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  1. Roasting marshmallows by candlelight "Mom we are so poor", using my nightgown as a cape...outside, texting me he's out of t.p...and I'm not home, challenging me to a Mario cart race because he knows I will my boys!!!!

  2. Thats great!! As a mom of boys, now 9 and 15. I think I have heard it all but they still surprise me every once in awhile. But they can deff make you laugh!