National Sugar Cookie Day!!!

It's National Sugar Cookie day!!! Or...another excuse to bake cookies! Okay, so my reasons *might* be the latter. Haha!

Did you know that the first sugar cookies ever made have been traced way back to the mid 1700's? Apparently in Pennsylvania! Before they were the typical round-shaped cookie we know now, they looked a lot like pretzels. They were also known as jumbles and were popular because they could be stored for many months. Here's a look.

I have to say, I prefer a fun cookie cutter and some frosting! I hope you have fun making your cookies and celebrating such a great traditional treat.

Here's my oldest thoroughly enjoying this treat!


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  1. How shocking, I can't believe cookies have only been around since the 1700's!! Good thing they have a National day to celebrate them now!!! I love it! xx

    1. I know! :) I'm glad we have a day to celebrate, too!